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Breathing Underwater - published September 2017. Available direct from me (click below), or from http://tslbooks.uk/shop/

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What people are saying about 'Breathing Underwater' :

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“Nick Horgan’s crystal-clear and lyrical poems offer portraits of sadness and storytelling, struggles and joy. We get a sense of time passing and the poet’s desire to extract meaning from small moments of everyday life. ”

David Gauntlett - Professor of Creativity and Design, and Director of Research,Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design, University of Westminster

“The writing is incisive, fluent and highly enjoyable to read. The poems explore a range of themes and ideas, including our relationship with nature, with the seasons and the events that we organise around them. It also explores the constraints of reality, versus the freedom of the human imagination.

Rebecca Jones - Illustrator and Author of Cat Disco

Horgan’s work stretches from the metaphysical conversation with his god – How will you answer my prayer this time – to the parochial – Louder than the Wind, which takes us from a sense of threat to the reassurance of human connection. In every case, the poetry explores with fine imagery his place in the world and his relationship with his surroundings.

Phil Lawder - Poet, performer, compere of the West House Open Mic evenings in Pinner.

In this collection we are at times faced with an honest and brutal critique of the world in which we find ourselves. Sweeping panoramic verses hover over the social, political and environmental issues that blight the planet. But lest we be quick to judge, Nick is not afraid to make the reader uncomfortable with the truth of our own complicity. . . buried among these ruins of modernity, Nick is able to point us towards a treasure, a hope which we are to give our all to obtain. . .” So it is, with tenderness and innocence, beauty and wonder, Nick lets us in to witness a  more personal world. One where nature isn't something to be exploited but cherished. A world in which the 'Other' becomes a companion, empathy builds hope and home is where I choose it be.

Alan Mann – Writer and Author

Nick’s poems have a world-weariness born of idealism and its consort, disappointment. This sense of discord is resolved only in the quieter moments, when the world meets what may be beyond.

Responsibility and what it means are a golden thread shining through these poems. What are we to be held accountable for? ‘Father’s Day’ reminds us the biggest sins may be neglect and carelessness, while ‘Surrendered Judgement’ offers cowardice and avoidance as the source of wickedness in this world. In other words, the poems show us that it is not what we do but what we do not do that is at the heart of the matter. It is a challenging message.

Colin Bray - Service Development Manager, Libraries Unlimited

Nick Horgan's poetry is both profound and accessible, so it's as captivating on the 5th read as it was at first. When I first read through this collection I relaxed into the phonetic beauty and potent imagery, and with each subsequent read I discovered a new depth of meaning behind and within each image.
The collection is varied in style, content and tone, displaying Nick's creative versatility to evoke so much thought and feeling in just a handful of poems. This rich variety and depth of reach piece gives a collection that is exciting, thought-provoking and appetizing... in that you'll want to read it over straight away!

Peter Lilly - Poet and Missionary



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